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Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service with Kasten K10

Microsoft Azure

Enterprises all over the world are seeing more cloud-native applications deployed on Kubernetes. This is making Day 2 services such as backup and mobility for Kubernetes applications a pain point for some IT organizations. Kasten K10 v2.0 has been battle-hardened to solve this very pain point as organizations grapple with an easy and reliable way to handle business continuity requirements in this cloud-native environment.

Kasten provides a backup and recovery solution on Microsoft Azure that keeps the application as the unit of atomicity while simplifying data management operations and maintaining consistency. Kasten K10, not only operates within the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service but can also migrate Kubernetes-based applications from on-prem environments to Azure Kubernetes Service.

“An increasing number of operations teams are looking for peace of mind to automate and tackle issues like data loss and data sovereignty as the number and scale of Kubernetes applications multiply. We are excited to announce the Kasten K10 offering on Microsoft Azure to help our customers tackle these challenges of Kubernetes backup and mobility”, said Gaurav Rishi, Head of Product at Kasten.

Aung Oo, Head of Product, Azure Disks, Microsoft Corp., said “Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service customers can now leverage Kasten’s K10 solution for seamless disaster recovery and backup for cloud native apps built on Microsoft Azure Managed Disks and Block Blob Storage.”.

Kasten K10 in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

The benefits of Kasten K10 on Microsoft Azure include:

Easy-to-Deploy Software-Only Platform: The software-only K10 data management platform can be self-deployed within minutes on Azure and on-premises Kubernetes installations. It also requires minimal training or professional services.

Native Azure Storage Integration: Azure Storage provides fast, secure, durable, and scalable persistence for a wide range of workloads. Kasten K10’s integration with Azure Storage preserves these benefits while offering an enterprise-ready data protection solution.

Protect Applications without Developer Overhead: Without requiring any developer or CI/CD pipeline changes, K10 auto-discovers applications running in Kubernetes, adapts to changes, and dynamically maps K10 data management policies to the current state of the application running on AKS clusters.

You can start today by:

Gaurav Rishi

Gaurav Rishi is the VP of Product at Kasten by Veeam. He is at the forefront of several Kubernetes ecosystem partnerships and has been a frequent speaker and author on cloud-native innovations. He previously led Strategy and Product Management for Cisco's Cloud Media Processing business. In addition to launching multiple products and growing them to >$100M in revenues, he was also instrumental in several M&A transactions. Gaurav is a computer science graduate and has an MBA from the Wharton School.


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