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Free Kasten K10 Edition


Are you looking for a solution to protect your development Kubernetes environments? Are you learning the art of cloud native and Kubernetes in your home lab? We might just have an affordable way to provide you with a solid backup and migration option for those use cases.

Ok, FREE sounds good. But what can you expect from the FREE Kasten K10 Edition?

Let’s first break this down:

The Kasten K10 data management platform, purpose-built for Kubernetes, provides a super simple solution for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications.

Kasten K10’s application-centric approach and deep integrations with relational and NoSQL databases, Kubernetes distributions, and all clouds enables the freedom of infrastructure choice without sacrificing operational simplicity. Policy-driven and extensible, Kasten K10 provides a native Kubernetes API and includes features such full-spectrum consistency, database integrations, automatic application discovery, multi-cloud mobility, and a powerful web-based user interface.

Capabilities of the Free Kasten K10 edition?

One of the strongest features of Kasten K10, and also available in the Free edition, is the ability to work on any Kubernetes Distributions across both public cloud and on premises environments. Featuring an agnostic approach to storage from both production data and backups storage, the target can be any S3 compatible storage as well AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. 

Obviously, the key part to Kasten K10 is the ability to provide that data management function of being able to backup and recover your workloads, replicate your workloads to different locations for disaster recovery scenarios, and finally around the portability of those workloads.

  • Easy backup/restore for your entire application stack to make it easy to “reset” your application to a good known state
  • Disaster recovery of your applications in another cluster, region, or cloud
  • Application portability across unfederated clusters in a secure and scalable manner

But there is more: Free Kasten K10 is basically the same product that you may also be using for your production Kubernetes environments so it allows you to switch over to the enterprise edition if you need to.

Where can I get Free Kasten K10 edition?

You don’t have to speak to anyone, and you can get going here with just one command: the installation uses a single helm command. Free Kasten K10 also supports marketplace integrations with major Kubernetes distributions to make installation a simple click of a button. 

The fastest way to get started is via the online documentation, which will walk you through from nothing to fully protecting your applications.

Michael Cade

A community first technologist for Kasten by Veeam Software. Based in the UK with over 16 years of industry experience with a key focus on technologies such as cloud native, automation & data management. His role at Kasten is to act as a technical thought leader, community champion and project owner to engage with the community to enable influencers and customers to overcome the challenges of Cloud Native Data Management and be successful, speaking at events sharing the technical vision and corporate strategy whilst providing ongoing feedback from the field into product management to shape the future success.


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